The Best Asian Wedding Entertainment

Most people think that weddings are formal and boring, which can be true for many occasions. On the other hand, there are many ways on how to make events like weddings truly entertaining. If you're looking for ideas, whether it's about asian wedding entertainment or something random that you think most guests haven't seen before, check out the suggestions below.

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Put Magic in the Air

Weddings don't need to be boring. You can definitely create a theme that doesn't only amaze yourself, but also your guests. If you haven't seen a wedding with a magician or a theme inspired by fairies and pixies, you can infuse that idea to your own plans and make it work. After all, they say that weddings are little girls' dreams turned into reality.

Hire Musicians

Any event can turn into a lively, meaningful and romantic one through the help of good musicians. You can hire musicians to play solemn songs during your wedding march and surprise your guests by letting them play modern or classic songs. There are musicians who accept requests from their audiences, which isn't really bad if you want the people to enjoy the event to the core.

Action Games

Most wedding organisers think that they can make the crowd happy through song and dance numbers. This can be true, but it wouldn't be so bad to try other concepts. If you are hosting a large crowd and you want everybody to participate, prepare some live, action games and give awesome prizes to the winners. You can either prepare indoor or outdoor games, depending on your preference. Your guests will surely be excited to be part of it, especially when they know they'll take home something special afterwards.

Get an Artist

People are always excited to get wedding souvenirs, but sometimes it is annoying to get the same types of mementos over and over again. If you want to give your guests something that they will keep for a lifetime, you can hire an artist to draw your guests into caricatures. Not only will they keep that artwork for a long time, but they will certainly remember your wedding as a beautiful event.

Go Festive

You can make everyone feel welcome and warm by creating a festive atmosphere on your wedding's reception. You can create a beach-type theme or a festival theme and hire performers to delight everyone as they eat. Instead of serving common formal dishes, try something refreshing and tropical to keep your guests relaxed as they spend the long day with you.

These are some entertainment ideas that you can incorporate with your own plans. If you have other eccentric concepts, don't be afraid to voice them out to a wedding coordinator so they can help you. Most of them are willing to make things happen, especially if the concept is really good. If you don't know wedding coordinators personally, you can ask for recommendations or look into listings. As you talk to wedding planners, you can avoid last minute headaches and ensure that the event turns out well.